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Thomas Steffens

Thomas Steffens
Direct: 612.371.9255

Executive Profile
Today more than ever, companies understand the critical need of developing comprehensive and material background information on potential new hires and possible business partnerships. But the facts may be well hidden in a frustrating trail of misinformation built over time. Extreme due diligence requires expert analysis, peeling apart complex layers of data. When our clients need high-level background profiles, Heartland goes to Tom Steffens and his twelve year track-record of getting results.

As Vice President at our Minneapolis office, he’s respected for his leadership, research abilities, clear communication and consulting/teaching proficiency. His clients have included law firms, banks, insurance companies, investors and hedge funds. Tom has extensive experience in asset investigation, skip tracing and competitive intelligence.

Tom attended Saint Thomas University. He’s a member of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Tom has been a speaker at conferences and meetings, including the National Business Institute Skip-Tracing Seminar in 2006 and 2007.

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